TAAG and Gol airlines sign another agreement, this time for the cargo segment

TAAG will use the hold luggage space on GOL’s commercial flights, as well as the space on freighters (cargo-only aircraft) operated by Gol airlines on its domestic and regional routes, depending on schedule and availability. . With this agreement, TAAG intends to increase the volume of cargo transported and gain greater attractiveness in attracting new customers and contracts.

This is the second agreement that TAAG and GOL airlines have signed in the space of two months.

This partnership is especially relevant with regard to cargo transport between Europe and Latin America via Luanda, namely for mail (documents, small loads, express mail, parcels, etc). Currently, TAAG’s cargo segment covers the following destinations in Africa (Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya), Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy) and the Americas (Brazil and Cuba), and the portfolio is now reinforced with the incorporation of GOL’s destinations.

From the origin to the final delivery point, the customer has full visibility and tracking of his cargo, thus providing private customers, business and industrial groups with more options and convenience in TAAG’s cargo transport service.

“The cargo business is essential for TAAG’s competitiveness and sustainability and strategic to position Luanda as an important hub in the region. The partnership with GOL opens up many perspectives for us to reach important destinations in Brazil and South America, and will benefit the development of many economies throughout the southern hemisphere” said A, TAAG CEO, Eduardo Fairen.

“The agreement with TAAG only reinforces our commitment to excellence in cargo transport. Having TAAG on our side is a magnificent strategic position that will greatly benefit all parties involved. This union only tends to grow over the years”, said Rafael Martau, executive director of GOLLOG, GOL’s logistics solutions unit.

Currently, TAAG operates six weekly frequencies on Luanda-São Paulo commercial flights.

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