OPINION: China’s Influence on African Aviation

Over the past few years, China has become a major player in the aviation industry, and nowhere is this more evident than in Africa. China’s influence on African aviation is significant and in this article, we will cite some of the greatest evidence of the manifestation of this influence:

One of the most significant ways that China has exerted influence on African aviation is through investment; Chinese companies have been investing hugely in African airports and airlines, funding new infrastructure and equipment by all means. This investment has contributed to the modernization of aviation on the African continent, helping to make it more competitive on the global stage.

Another way in which China has influenced African aviation is by offering training and advisory programs; Chinese aviation experts have been working with airlines and airports across the African continent to help with efforts to improve safety standards and operational efficiency. This training process has helped build a skilled workforce in Africa and is a key factor in the long-term success of the aviation industry on the African continent.

The last way of influencing China in African aviation that we mentioned is the concession of technology; Chinese aviation companies have been sharing their expertise with African airlines and airports, providing new technologies and systems that help improve operational safety and improve their efficiency. This technology concession process has narrowed the gap between aviation on the African continent and aviation on other continents, thus transforming some African airlines and airports into entities with the potential to compete with their global counterparts.

However, China’s influence on African aviation also raises some concerns:

Some critics alert to the probability that Chinese investment may be conditioned by some preconditions, such as the possibility of China demanding that African countries hire Chinese companies for infrastructure projects. Others fear that Chinese investment could lead to some loss of sovereignty, as African aviation companies relinquish control as Chinese companies become increasingly involved in the sector.

Finally, despite this concern, it is clear that China’s influence on African aviation is significant. By investing in infrastructure, providing training packages, consulting and sharing technology, China has helped to modernize African aviation and make it more competitive on the global stage. Whether this influence will be positive or negative remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that China will continue to play an important role in shaping the future of African aviation.


Ivani Valente is CEO of AngoAviação.

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