ANGOAVIAÇÃO FACT CHECK: Certification for International Flights costs 35 thousand USD per Airport


The edition of Tuesday, May 9, 2023 of the Angolan newspaper Expansão, refers to a news item with the following headline: «CERTIFICATION FOR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS COST TO THE AIRPORT 35 THOUSAND USD», as can be seen via the link that follows:


The referenced article makes the following key claims:

“The certification process that authorizes the two airports, Paulo Teixeira Jorge (Catumbela) and Dr. António Agostinho Neto (New Luanda International Airport), carrying out international flights, will cost a total of USD 70 thousand”;

In this section, we underline the section “70 thousand USD”, which is (according to the article) the total cost of the Certification Process for International Flights, for the following airports:

  • Paulo Teixeira Jorge (Catumbela Airport) and;
  • Dr.º António Agostinho Neto (New Luanda International Airport).

However, so far, the article has not mentioned “the individual cost” for each of these airports.

The Angolan legal diploma that governs the matter published in the referenced article is Order No. 91/23 of January 11, whose designation is:


The purpose of this Legislation is to define the amount of fees charged for services provided by the National Civil Aviation Authority – ANAC.

Article 2 of the same Regulation stipulates the following:

“The services subject to the payment of fees referred to in this Regulation are listed in an attached table, classified according to the specificity of each area of activity of ANAC.”

The list of Services (mentioned in the previous section) provided by the National Civil Aviation Authority – ANAC can be found in ANNEX I – TABLE OF FEES CHARGED FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES RELATED TO CIVIL AVIATION ACTIVITIES.

And so it reads in another part of the article:

“…the certification process that will certify the operational safety of aircraft in the airport enclosure of each of these infrastructures is already underway, implying the payment of a fee fixed at 35 thousand USD, almost 18 million Kz at the exchange rate on Tuesday ( May 9th, the date at which the article was published).

Note that in this section, there is a passage “implying the payment of a fixed fee of USD 35 thousand”, thus stating that the individual cost for each Category 4 aerodrome is USD 35 thousand.

But, in consideration of the table, in particular, regarding Points:

◇ 2. Fees related to Aerodromes Aeronautical Infrastructure:

◇ 2.1 Approval or Review of Safety Programs and Emergency Plans for Aerodromes and Airports:

◇ 2.2 Certification / Registration Fees:

◇ 2.2.1 Airdrome;

Specifically in the following point, Point, the Amount to be Charged (expressed in USD) for Category 4 Aerodrome Certification is defined as: Category IV Aerodrome – 34. 909.00 US$

Here, it is explicit that the amount legally defined for charging the Certification of a Category 4 or “Category IV” Aerodrome (in Roman numerals), is 34,909.00 USS and not 35,000.00 USS (35 thousand USD) as the article does reference.

And the argument that the value was rounded up does not apply, as these are monetary values fixed by law, therefore, a cent less or more not foreseen by law, makes all the difference.


With the exception of the excess rounding done in the Cost of the Certification Process, the content of the remaining matter addressed in the article is accurate.

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