Cabo Verde Airlines will resume flights to Guinea Bissau

​Cabo Verde Airlines will resume flights between the city of Praia and Guinea Bissau in July, said yesterday (May 9) to Lusa, the director general of the company that manages the airport located in the capital of Guinea-Bissau Osvaldo Vieira.

Aliu Soares Cassamá, the representative of Menzies Aviation Bissau, which manages Guinea-Bissau’s international airport, announced the resumption of flights for July, ten years after they were suspended.

Cassamá met with a Cape Verdean delegation, made up of the country’s ambassador, Camilo Leitão da Graça, the commercial director and the operations director of Cabo Verde Airlines, last week.

“The meeting served to settle the details. In July, Cabo Verde Airlines resumes flights to Guinea Bissau”, assured Aliu Soares Cassamá, adding that the company will have connections to Lisbon, Paris, Brazil and the United States of America.

The Guinean official pointed out that with the resumption of the company’s flights, the Osvaldo Vieira airport in Bissau will now have 16 weekly flights, offered by two Portuguese companies (TAP and EuroAtlantic), RAM (Royal Air Maroc), Air Senegal, Air Côte D’iVoire and Asky.

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