Ministry of Transportation signs cooperation agreement with US Department of Transportation

The Ministry of Transport and the US Department of Transportation announced today, through their websites, that on Wednesday, April 26th, the angolan Minister of Transport, Ricardo D’Abreu signed the Bilateral Agreement of Open Skies for the Air Service with its US counterpart, Pete Buttigieg, at Department of Transportation’s facilities, specifically, at the Lincoln Conference Room.

At the time, the Minister of Transport underlined that the signature of the two documents:

“represents another step in the consolidation of Angola in the world’s airspace, especially with the start of the new international airport on the horizon”…

“This new and modern infrastructure is in line with the best international technological practices and was designed to receive the largest aircraft, which will also place Angola on the most important commercial and tourist routes in the United States, both fundamental for the socio-economic development of our country”, the Angolan Minister of Transport said.

In turn, the US Secretary of State for Transportation highlighted the importance of the New Luanda International Airport in the following terms:

“…for the development of the sub-Saharan region of the African continent and a strong lever for its development”.

The statement reads that Pete Buttigieg pointed out that:

“The big bet of US policy in this matter is based on the safety, comfort and experience of passengers, whether in terms of air, sea or rail transport, or even in small things such as boarding places. The distance between the ports and, mainly, the green seal, that is, the theme of renewable energies”.

“Keep us informed of any projects you consider important, as we can put them on our investors’ radar,” he said.

According to the note, this agreement will allow airlines from both countries to offer a wide range of service options, with innovative and competitive prices.

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