IATA defines three priorities for global air cargo transport

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has highlighted three priorities to enable the air cargo industry to keep pace amid a challenging operating environment.

Priorities were defined at the 16th World Cargo Symposium (WCS), which began yesterday, April 25, in Istanbul, Turkey, and runs until tomorrow, the 27th.

They are:

– Sustainability

– Digitization

– Security

Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo at IATA, commented that air cargo is a different sector than at the beginning of the pandemic, as revenues are greater than before the pandemic and incomes are greater, and the world has seen how important they are supply chains, however, there are concerns to consider.

“Air cargo’s contribution to airlines’ bottom line has become more evident. But we are still tied to business cycles and global events. As such, the war in Ukraine and uncertainty about fundamental economic factors such as interest rates, exchange rates and job growth are real concerns for the sector today. In the current situation, air cargo priorities have not changed; we need to continue our focus on sustainability, digitalization and safety”, as Sullivan said.

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