Cabo Verde Airlines announces resumption of flights to Paris from July 23rd

The Cape Verdean Communities Minister, Jorge Santos, announced this Saturday in Paris that the TACV air link between Praia, Sal and São Vicente and the French capital will be re-established from 23 July.

“Yesterday [Friday] we presented the new TACV strategy at the Embassy and the administration announced the flight for July 23, 2023 between Praia, Sal and São Vicente and Paris in a Boieng B Max, which allows intercontinental flights. This is a giant step towards reconnecting Cape Verde with its diaspora”,

…announced the Cape Verdean Minister for Communities in statements to Agência Lusa.

The minister is in the French capital to participate in the Cabo Verde Business Connect fair, which takes place between this Saturday and Sunday and whose main mission is to bring together Cape Verdean companies and potential investors from the Cape Verdean community in France and from other diasporas.

For the minister, the re-establishment of this air link through Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV) is important since France is one of the epicenters of the Cape Verdean diaspora in Europe, with an estimated 100,000 Cape Verdeans and their descendants live in this country.

“France is one of the movement and mobility epicenters of our community in Europe. It is a project that the State of Cape Verde is developing with great responsibility and that only in extraordinary cases will it not happen ”, he indicated.

TACV is already operating flights to Portugal and after resuming the connection with Paris, it wants to return to the connection with Boston, which the minister now says is the next objective. TACV was sold (51%) to Icelandic investors and renationalized in July 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic, having only resumed flights in December 2021.

In March 2019, the State of Cape Verde sold 51% of TACV for 1.3 million euros to Lofleidir Cabo Verde, a company 70% owned by Loftleidir Icelandic EHF (Icelandair group, which took 36% of Cabo Verde Airlines – commercial name of the company) and 30% by Icelandic entrepreneurs with experience in the aviation sector (who assumed the remaining 15% of the privatized 51% share).

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