New Boeing 737-8 MAX from Cabo Verde Airlines will be called Morabeza

The newest Boeing 737-8 MAX will be called Morabeza, as announced today by Cabo Verde Airlines.

After on the 7th of April the national airline launched a public voting campaign to choose the name of the newest Boeing 737-8 MAX, the CVA announced that Morabeza was the chosen name.

The other options were Cidade Velha and Esperança.

“It is with great satisfaction that we announce that the name of the Boeing 737-8 of Cabo Verde Airlines will be MORABEZA!”

“We thank everyone who participated in the public voting campaign and helped to choose the name of our new plane”, reads on the company’s page.

At the time of the launch of the campaign, Inforpress said that the airline will count on this plane from July, leased directly from the manufacturer, Boeing.

With the arrival of Morabeza, Cabo Verde Airlines will be in a position to fly other routes beyond Lisbon.

In fact, in an article published on the 16th of March, the Brazilian newspaper O POVO reported that the Secretary of Tourism of Ceará, Yrwana Albuquerque, says that there are dialogues that will result in the return of the Fortaleza company.

Meanwhile, in May 2022, in response to a question from deputies during a hearing at the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) of the National Assembly on the privatization of the national flag company, the President of the Board of Directors of TACV, Sara Pires, had announced that the airline was in the process of acquiring a plane to resume operations to Boston, Brazil and Paris.

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