The details of the agreement between TAAG and Gol

In a statement released by TAAG this Monday, the 3rd, the codeshare agreement allows both companies to sell tickets including the partner’s destinations, increase network coverage and collaborate with the sales force, in a “win-win” partnership .

“The codeshare regime brings a number of advantages to passengers, such as more fare options to choose from, acquisition of a single ticket in local currency (for travel itinerary on both companies), guarantee of protection on flights from connection, ease of flight booking, check-in and baggage dispatch (in transit), in addition to allowing passengers to enjoy more destinations with the combined TAAG and GOL network”, the note reads.

TAAG, the document reads, will make its flight code available to 13 domestic destinations in Brazil operated by GOL:

• Rio de Janeiro (GIG and SDU);

• Belo Horizonte (CNF);

• Recife (REC);

• Porto Alegre (POA);

• Curitiba (CWB);

• Salvador (SSA);

• Brasilia (BSB);

• Goiania (GYN);

• Florianópolis (FLN);

• Fortress (FOR);

• Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) and;

• Christmas (NAT);

“The agreement also allows TAAG to market other GOL regional destinations on an interline basis. On the other hand, GOL will place its flight code on the São Paulo (GRU) – Luanda (LAD) – São Paulo (GRU) route operated by TAAG, with the option of marketing other TAAG destinations such as Lisbon, Madrid, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Windhoek, Kinshasa, Ponta Negra or Maputo”, says the national flag carrier.

According to the note, from now on TAAG customers who wish to fly to GOL’s destinations in Brazil and Latin America (via São Paulo) will be able to purchase the ticket in kwanzas at the usual TAAG points of sale, and at the same time GOL customers who wish to flying to TAAG destinations in Angola, Africa and Europe (via Luanda) can obtain tickets on the GOL website.

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