IATA: Number of fatal air accidents reduced in 2022

The number of fatal accidents worldwide decreased in 2022 compared with the previous year, read the International Air Transport Association’s annual report (IATA), which was published on Tuesday.

IATA’s annual report also showed a reduction in fatality risk over the five years 2018-2022, with five accidents involving passenger and crew deaths occurring in the past year.

“That represents a seven-year decline and an improvement on the five-year average between, IATA said”.

“Among the association’s member airlines, only one fatal accident was recorded in 2022, resulting in 19 deaths. “Accidents are rare in aviation”.

“There were five fatal accidents out of 32.2 million flights in 2022,”

“This tells us that flying is among the safest activities a person can engage in”.

“But while the risk of flying is exceptionally low, it is not risk-free.”

The annual report also noted that despite the reduction in the number of fatal accidents, the number of fatalities increased from 121 in 2021 to 158 in 2022.

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