Announcing the launch of AngoAviação Poll!

AngoAviação Poll is AngoAviação’s opinion polling service, which goes beyond data collection.

AngoAviação Poll is a survey service inspired by and in partnership with the Gallup organization.

We carry out opinion polls on aviation matters as well as in other areas of third-party interest.

Making use of:

Quantitative Research

That is the research methodology that uses questionnaires to collect data from a representative sample of respondents, making it possible to perform statistical analysis to obtain meaningful conclusions;

Qualitative Research

Which is the methodology that helps to understand what people think and feel about a certain subject. It is widely applied to reveal trends in thoughts and opinions and deepen aspects of the research problem, providing an expressive volume of insights.

By the use of both research methods, we carry out analysis that produce insights into the values, perceptions and needs of your audience.

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