ANGOSAT-2 starts selling services

Authorization for the commercial exploitation of the Angolan satellite was granted by the President of the Republic through Presidential Dispatch No. 11/23, of 23 January. Angosat-2 was launched into orbit on October 12 last year, replacing Angosat-1, which failed in 2017.

The Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTICS) launched, last Friday (10th), the process of marketing Angosat-2 services, three months after it was sent into orbit.

According to a note from MINTTICS, during the event, which will be presided over by Minister Mário Oliveira, there will be presentations on the “Performance and Technical Characteristics of Angosat-2” and the “Commercial Plan, Solutions and Portfolio”.

According to the document, the Angolan satellite will allow national telecommunications operators and the Government to benefit from bandwidth capabilities, with costs based on national currency, helping to better manage investments and adjust them to the reality of the user. Final.

Another objective that is intended to be achieved with Angosat-2, according to the document, is to promote and increase business in totally disconnected regions, contributing considerably to reducing the digital divide in Angola and on the African continent.

The satellite is covering the entire African continent, a significant part of Southern Europe and almost complete coverage of the Southern African region, constituting a source of revenue.

Revenue from the commercial exploitation of Angosat-2 will initially revert to the National Space Program Management Office (50%), the National Treasury (40%), while the remaining 10% will revert to the Social Support Fund of Communications Workers.

The President of the Republic authorized the commercial exploitation of Angosat-2 through Presidential Dispatch n.º 11/23, of 23 January, while the process of creating the conditions for attributing its management and exploitation to a public entity is ongoing.

So far, no contracts have been signed.

As advanced by Expansão, in issue 710 of February 3rd, the entire legal and regulatory process is in progress around what will be the provision of commercial services on the Angolan satellite.

So far there is no agreement signed with the main telecommunications operators because it had not yet been launched commercially, something that could have happened from last Friday (10), which exists, according to MINTTICS advanced to the Expansion, are memorandums of understanding and intent on the part of some institutions and countries in the region.

With an expected service life of 15 years, Angosat-2, launched into orbit on October 12, 2022, by the “Proton-M” rocket, is one of the projects of the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), an organ assigned to to the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication.

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