NASA: Angolan Luami Valente wins airspace contest

Her name is Luami Valente and she participated in the NASA astronomy and physics contest, where she was the big winner.

The former Secretary of State for the Media Ministry stated:

“Luami Valente is one of our Angolan girls who participated and won in the Astronomy and Physics contest held at NASA, United States of America. She has won these medals that she wears on her chest. Congratulations to the parents and congratulations to the CEPI of (my) Kifica in Luanda for the quality teaching. Thank you daughter for representing us so well.”

She continued:

“For taking away our shame. God bless you, illuminate your steps with the light of His spirit and grant you the bright future you deserve.”

The Astronomy and Physics contest at NASA is an international science competition that has two age categories, namely: Junior, for under 18s and seniors, for over 18s, allowing students from all countries to prove their skills and expose their creativity in the areas of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Congratulations to Luami Valente!

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