Announcing the creation of ANGOAVIAÇÃO FACT CHECK


AngoAviação Fact Check is a non-profit, non-partisan “consumer advocacy” forum for readers to reduce the level of deception, confusion and misinformation in the Angolan aviation sector.

We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by key players in Angolan journalism, as well as what is said in the form of TV spots, debates, speeches, interviews and press releases.

Our aim is to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of Angolan aviation issues.


Our mission is to reduce the level of misinformation and so we focus on false or misleading claims.

If supporting material does not support the claim or if no evidence is provided, we will conduct our own research.


The fact-checking process involves examining the story line by line, word by word, to ensure that all facts are correct and that all claims and conclusions we make are accurate and evidence-based. All of our stories contain hyperlinks (or the extract) to the source material so that readers can check our facts.


If any new information comes to light after we publish a story that materially changes that story, we will clarify, correct or update our story and provide a note to readers explaining the change, why it was made and the date on it was made.

Readers can contact us at or through our Facebook page to request a correction or clarification.

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