ANGOAVIAÇÃO FACT CHECK: TAAG’s DT547 on the Windhoek-Luanda route cancelled flight due to lack of light bulbs


The TAAG plane on the Windhoek-Luanda route canceled the flight due to a lack of light bulbs!


Flight DT574 on the Windhoek – Luanda route on the 31st of January (Tuesday) was canceled for security reasons and in the correct application of aviation’s legislation.

According to reports from passengers who boarded flight DT574, the aircraft did depart Luanda-Windhoek, and according to the Note of Clarification issued by TAAG,

“…at the time of control checks for the return trip Windhoek-Luanda, the team detected that the navigation lights (located on the wings of the aircraft) were not working for some reason attributable to the electrical system, the navigation lights being a mandatory item for night flights, as was the specific case of the flight schedule for the Windhoek-Luanda service.


“The passengers were duly informed about the cancellation of the flight, having been guaranteed their accommodation in a hotel and seats on the flight for today, operated by the same aircraft, during daylight hours.”

The veracity of the content of the Clarification Note | Flight DT574 Windhoek-Luanda was confirmed to us by passengers on that same flight.


The publication circulating on social media is false, for having stated that flight DT574 was canceled due to a lack of lighting lamps, because by having done so, it deliberately gave the public the misleading impression that the aircraft did not have lighting lamps to follow the flight.

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