Angola wants to acquire two more satellites

The President of the Republic (PR) said last Friday, when inaugurating the Satellite Control and Mission Centre, located in the Funda area, Luanda province, that the State will continue to invest in the telecommunications sector, with the construction of more satellites and other infrastructure to ensure that communications “help develop the country”.

João Lourenço stressed the “extreme importance” of these projects and referred that “financial capacity can be arranged”. “We consider the project to be extremely important. This center can hold up to three satellites, the other two will have to be acquired over time, it’s a matter of programming.

If there is no capacity today, there will be tomorrow, what counts is the intention to complete the project, it is not complete and we are committed to completing it, no matter how long it takes”, he said.According to the PR, in addition to the satellite, there are investments to be made on land, in order to guarantee that communications help to develop the country, that they are at the service of the Angolan economy, for which “they will continue to be made”.

The Head of State stressed that in terms of optical fibre, cable transmission, an investment had already been made that currently allows connecting Angola to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo by cable. “There has to be a combination of sources for transmitting voice and image signals via satellite, cable and other forms of transmission. him. “With the launch of this satellite [Angosat-2] and its entry into operation, Angola gains from all points of view.

We are going to improve our telecommunications, media, voice and image, they will also improve, agriculture, science in general, education will benefit from this important project”, he underlined. In October last year, Angola successfully launched the Angosat-2, manufactured in Russia, the second device built by the European country, after the first, the Angosat-1, failed in December 2017.

The Satellite Control and Mission Center was built on a total surface of 6,617 square meters and has 47 compartments equipped with technical and technological means, with the capacity to ensure the monitoring, monitoring and operation of satellites.

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