TAAG will be recapitalized

The Angolan Ministry of Transport has announced that it will inject more money to recapitalize TAAG, which is in the process of financial restructuring.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Jorge Bengui, according to the Angolan press, said that the finalization of TAAG’s business plan is underway, which will make it possible to assess the real dimension of the company’s need for recapitalisation.

The official indicated that TAAG is expanding its network of domestic flights, with the possibility of reinforcing its fleet with three more aircraft. “At this point we have around 13 domestic destinations. There are a number of provinces where TAAG did not operate, but now only Malange is missing, including provinces that had no services 20 years ago, such as the case of Uíge province, which resumed a few months ago”, said Jorge Bengui.

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