Cape Verde Airlines resumes operation of domestic flights

​The state-owned airline TACV will once again operate domestic flights in the archipelago during the Carnival period, a connection it had stopped making in August 2017, according to the company’s announcement.

Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV), which operates under the trade name of Cabo Verde Airlines and which since 2017 has focused on international connections, announced in the last few hours a campaign of “special flights” for Carnival on the island of São Vicente, the most emblematic of the country.

The campaign foresees flights between Praia and São Vicente on the 17th of February and return to the capital on the 22nd of February, announcing round trip prices of 15,100 escudos using a Boeing 737 – leased to the Angolan TAAG -, the only one with which it operates. since the resumption of activity, in December 2020, since then with connections between Cape Verde and Lisbon.

In July 2017, TACV announced that it would stop operating domestic flights, which then connected seven islands in the archipelago, as of August 1st, following the restructuring process. These flights are now guaranteed only by the Spanish Binter, which after the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic left the archipelago, selling the majority of the share capital of the operator Transportes Interilhas de Cabo Verde (TICV) to the Angolan Bestfly, which operates the connections households since May 2021.

In March 2019, the State of Cape Verde sold 51% of TACV for 1.3 million euros to Lofleidir Cabo Verde, a company 70% owned by Loftleidir Icelandic EHF (Icelandair group, which took 36% of Cabo Verde Airlines) and 30% by Icelandic entrepreneurs with experience in the aviation sector (who took over the remaining 15% of the privatized 51% share).

However, following the company’s stoppage during the covid-19 pandemic, the State took over a 51% stake in TACV on 6 July 2021, alleging various non-compliance in the management of Icelandic investors and immediately dissolved the governing bodies .

TACV suspended commercial flights in March 2020, due to restrictions on flights to contain the covid-19 pandemic and only resumed operations, once again in the hands of the State, in December 2021, after 21 months, with connections between Praia and Lisbon, extended in 2022 from the Portuguese capital also to the islands of Sal and São Vicente, foreseeing this year to resume flights to Boston, in the United States of America, with a second aircraft.

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