The 20 safest airlines of 2023

The Top 20 are who’s who of airlines, and in order they are:

1 – Qantas;

2 -Air New Zealand;

3 – Etihad Airways;

4 – Qatar Airways;

5 – Singapore Airlines;

6 – TAP Air Portugal;

7 – Emirates;

8 – Alaska Airlines;

9 – EVA Air;

10 – Virgin Australia/Atlantic;

11 – Cathay Pacific Airways;

12 – Hawaiian Airlines;

13 – SAS;

14 – United Airlines;

15 – Lufthansa/Swiss Group;

16 – Finnair;

17 – British Airways;

18 – KLM;

19 – American Airlines;

20 – Delta Air Lines;

According to Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas, these airlines are industry leaders and are at the forefront of safety, innovation and new aircraft introductions.

In selecting Qantas as the world’s safest airline for 2023, the editors of noted that over its 100-year operating history, the world’s oldest continuously operating airline has amassed an incredible record of innovation. in operations and security and is now accepted as the most experienced worldwide.

According to Mr. Thomas, the editors review: accidents over 5 years, serious incidents over two years, audits by aviation governing bodies and leading associations; fleet lifespan, expert analysis on pilot training and COVID protocols.

“Our 20 safest airlines in 2023 are always at the forefront of innovation in safety, operational excellence and the launch of more advanced new aircraft such as the Airbus A350 (above) and the Boeing 787.”

AirlineRatings was launched in June 2013 and rates the safety, in-flight product and COVID-19 compliance of 385 airlines using its unique seven-star rating system. It has been used by millions of passengers from 195 countries and has become the industry standard for safety, product and COVID-19 classification.

The editorial team is one of the most experienced in the world, with almost 50 national and international awards. They are also authors or co-authors of over 28 industry books.

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