Angolan Minister of Finance leads SGA (Airport Management Company) privatization process

Angola will privatize 51 percent of Sociedade Gestora de Aeroportos, S.A., the Angolan Airport Management Company, a process that will be led by the Angolan Minister of Finance, Vera Daves de Sousa, according to a Presidential Order from the Head of State, João Lourenço, published by Diário da República, nº238 , I Series.

The Minister of Finance, according to the Diário da República, has the competence, with the power to sub-delegate, to verify the validity of all subsequent acts, within the scope of the procedure, namely the opening of the procedure, creation of the negotiation commission , approval of parts of the procedures, adjudication of proposals and conclusion of contracts.

The Order, signed by the Head of State, on the 7th, does not determine any deadline for completing the privatization of the majority of SGA’s capital, which will be carried out through a limited tender based on prior qualification.

The model for selling a majority stake in the Angolan airport concessionaire to “private investors, preferably international airport operators with consolidated experience”, is set out in the Global Strategy for the Angolan Airport System (EGSA), approved in 2020.

Promoting the growth of the Civil Aviation sector in the country, pursuing the objective of “transforming Angola into an important ‘hub’ in the sub-Saharan African region and foreign direct investment” in the airport system is one of the expressed objectives of EGSA.

The strategy for the Airport System covers the different segments of airports and airfields in the country, including business models, investments and partnerships, according to each of the 18 airports/airfields managed by SGA.

Within the framework of this segmentation, the infrastructure of Luanda, designated as “Airport Hub/Gateway”, whose new international airport should be inaugurated next year, is the main gateway to the country, positioning itself as the center of domestic operations and internationally for the South and Central African region.

The Privatization Program approved by Presidential Decree nº 250/19 of 5 August, is aligned with the 2018-2022 National Development Programme, and falls within the scope of the Public Finance Reform, with the aim of promoting macroeconomic stability, increase the productivity of the national economy and ensure a more equitable distribution of national income.

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