TAAG clarifies reasons for lighting blackout on flight DT650

AngoAviação was informed that “as a customer, TAAG immediately requested a report from the Hi Fly service provider, and an investigation was opened that included interviews with the crew and engineers, as well as a thorough verification of the equipment” and that “ the root cause of this situation is linked to a fault on the pier at Lisbon airport”.

From what it indicates the pier “was inoperative and unable to ensure the power supply of the aircraft, meanwhile positioned on land for the disembarkation procedure and instructed to deactivate engines and APU”, thus, “it was necessary to request the intervention of the ANA (entity responsible for the management of Lisbon airport) for repair work, a period in which the cabin overheated due to the lack of energy”.

According to the note from the national flag airline, it also reads, “only after carrying out the maintenance work was it possible to start disembarking passengers” and that “during this process, passengers were informed about the occurrence and reassured of their safety on board.”As such, “TAAG came to regret the inconvenience caused to passengers and customers of the said flight” and assured that it is “in permanent communication with the authorities in order to evaluate additional measures and future contingency plans”, underlines the missive.

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