Airlines warn of disruptions due to fuel shortages in Nigeria

Nigerian airlines have warned of impending flight disruptions due to aviation fuel shortages across the country. Nigeria’s latest fuel shortage could lead to cancellations or delays of dozens of flights. Let’s take a closer look below.

Another aviation fuel shortage
Nigeria Air Carriers (AON), which include Air Peace, Azman Air and Dana Air, said in a recent statement that shortages of Jet-A1 fuel would force domestic carriers to reschedule operations, leading to significant cancellations and delays.

The Air Operators Association of Nigeria said:

“We wish to inform the general public of impending disruptions to scheduled flight operations due to shortages of aviation fuel, also known as Jet-A1, which has reared its ugly head again in recent days. While we do our best to manage the situation and ensure safe flight operations, we ask for the traveling public’s understanding of the circumstances.”

President of the Association of Foreign Airlines and Representatives in Nigeria, Kingsley Nwokeoma, added that domestic airlines may even suspend operations due to shortages.

Peak holiday season

Unfortunately for Nigerian airlines and travelers, the crisis comes during the busy Christmas and New Year travel season, which will only exacerbate its impact. Airlines have already raised fares this year and any interruption in operations can be passed on to the customer in the ticket price.

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