Lufthansa plane makes emergency landing at 4 de Fevereiro airport

A Lufthansa plane landed on Saturday, in an emergency, at 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, in Luanda, with 286 people on board, after the crew detected fire in one of the engines of the aircraft making the CapeTown/Munich connection.

It is the Airbus A359, which carried out flight LH575, of the German airline Lufthansa, departing from the South African city of Cape Town and final destination Munich, Germany, which after the crew detected the existence of fire in the left engine of the aircraft, requested, at 14:18 minutes, authorization for an emergency landing at 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, when it was flying over Angolan airspace, in compliance with international standards, which determine the safeguard of people in the first place.

According to the statement, sent to AngoAviação, as soon as the airport authorities had access to notification C, “all the systems of the Airport Emergency Plan were immediately activated, including the fire department, the National Institute of Medical Emergencies team, airport operations and the entire multidisciplinary rapid response team for emergency situations at the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, who acted promptly and professionally to resolve the situation reported to them with the necessary competence.

Around thirty-five minutes after declaring the emergency situation, the Lufthansa Airbus A359, with the registration number D-AIXE, landed at 2:56 pm on the main runway of the airport, with the teams on the ground resolving the situation in time record.

In the statement, 4 de Fevereiro International Airport guarantees that this situation was “reported to ANAC and INIPAT, with the aircraft, passengers and crew in complete safety”.

On board were 286 people, including 13 crew members and 273 passengers.

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