International “4 de Fevereiro” Airport is now certified by Regulator

The Angolan Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) delivered, this Monday, to the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, in Luanda, the Certificate 001/FNLU/2022, which authorizes this airport infrastructure to carry out international flights in accordance with the operational specifications contained in attached to the document and in accordance with the Aerodrome Operations Manual.

According to a press release accessed by AngoAviação, the delivery of this certificate represents a milestone for the civil aviation subsector in Angola, as the State now complies with the obligation established by ICAO (since 27 November 2003) to have all international airports in operation disclosed in the Africa-Indian Ocean Air Navigation Plan (AFI) certified by ANAC.

For the Minister of Transport, Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu, the attribution of this certificate proves the commitment and professionalism with which those responsible for the national civil assessment sector are working to place Angola on the best international routes and to earn the reputation it deserves.

“We are naturally satisfied because acts like this demonstrate the tenacity with which we are working and the purpose that we give to our actions.

We want to make Angola one of the most recognized African hubs in the field of civil aviation.

And this is how we will be able to do it – with focus, with professionalism, with the commitment of all and as a team”, stressed the minister.

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