Cape Verde Regulatory Authority denies responsibility in the non-certification of BestFly’s Embraer 190

The AAC (Cape Verde’s Regulatory Authority) informed that in relation to the introduction of the device in the operations specifications (OPSPECS) of the TICV, a fact that would allow full commercial operation, the request to change the AOC was made on March 7, 2022, only with the delivery of the form, without the follow-up and due delivery of the required documentation.

The Cape Verdian Civil Aviation Agency further clarified that the process involved several sub-processes, such as certification of training organization for pilots, maintenance technicians and operations officers, certification of the maintenance organization for the aircraft, approval of operations (PBN and RVSM) of the aircraft, the alteration of the TICV air explorer license, the approval of the pilot simulator, the approval of the different manuals of the operational areas, of the programs and other documents.

The management of BestFly announced on June 4 that it planned a fleet of six aircraft for the operation in Cape Verde, including a second Embraer 190 jet – the first arrived at Praia airport that day – and connections between the archipelago and West Africa and Portugal.

However, practically five months after the arrival of the company’s first Embraer 190 (E-190) jet and the first to be certified by the AAC of Cape Verde, the operation continues without starting, which was initially announced for last July to connect the coast West Africa, namely Bissau, Praia and Portugal (Ponta Delgada and Lisbon), but also Angola, Nigeria and Senegal.

BestFly/TICV operates domestic flights with two ATR 72-600 of its own – through the national air operator TICV -, having performed more than 3,400 domestic flights in the first year of operation and transported more than 170,000 passengers, with an average load factor of almost 71% (from May 17, 2021 to May 17, 2022).

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