NOTE OF CONGRATULATIONS: International ATSEP Day (12th of November)

On November 12th, the aviation industry celebrates International ATSEP Day!

On this special day, we congratulate all ATSEPS from around the World.

The CNS profession is an important link in the aviation security chain.

Pilots rely on the Air Traffic Controller, so that a flight is safeguarded and the separation of aircraft in air traffic is maintained.

Pilots rely on accurate electronic signals transmitted from ground navigation aids to follow the planned flight path and follow signals transmitted by, for example, Instrument Landing Systems to exercise safe landing operations even in bad weather situations with low visibility.

Complex technical CNS/ATM systems are required for the provision of Air Traffic Control Services.

Aircraft are displayed in real time on radar screens. A global digital aviation network ensures that Air Traffic Controllers know the planned flight path. Technical systems ensure voice communication between Pilots and ATC.

ATSEPs guarantee the Accuracy, Integrity, Availability and Continuity of these systems and services worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

As we move into a new era and greater reliance on automation in aviation, ICAO at the 13th Air Navigation Conference recognized the growing role of ATSEP in maintaining communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management (CNS/ATM)insurance: the infrastructure.

Aviation drives the world economy.

Well-trained, qualified, competent and multi-state licensed Air Traffic Safety Electronics personnel install, maintain and control all these air traffic control systems to protect passengers, aircraft crews and cargo during flight as well as Safety, Performance, Resilience and good functioning of the entire aviation system.

ATSEP is a key enabler in the safe and efficient provision of Air Navigation Services.

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