PRESS RELEASE: AngoAviação’s website suffers cyber attack!

“We hereby inform you that the AngoAviação website has suffered a computer attack, which as a result of this, for 2 weeks we have been facing considerable operational limitations.

More specifically, we have suffered a computer attack on our server & database) that as a result, for the last 2 weeks, it has affected the ability to keep you informed, by having directly impacted the functionality of the publishing of articles.

As a consequence of the attack, we have gradually experienced a reduction in the operability of the website, compromising our service.

Our teams are working to investigate the disturbance and restore, as soon as possible, the normal functioning of the website.

Meanwhile, both Podcast: Rádio AngoAviação and The African Aviation Podcast will continue to be available and published on Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, Listen Casts, Pocket Casts, among others.

Alternatively, to access all new episodes, you should also follow our Facebook page: AngoAviação.

We are certain that normality will soon be restored and we will be able to continue to provide our service with no limitation”.

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