Cabo Verde Airlines’ passengers have been waiting for flights for four days

Dozens of passengers from Cabo Verde Airlines have been waiting for four days for the replacement of their flights, after the only plane with which the company operates suffered a breakdown in Lisbon, according to information from the company.

According to the last update released by the company, the replacement of flights, canceled on the 20th and 21st of October, should start today, with the departure of the VR609 Lisboa/Sal at 22:00 local time, and connection to Praia, and Tuesday morning the VR610, Praia/Lisbon.

However, this rescheduling of flights had already been scheduled to start on Sunday, according to previous information from the Cape Verdean state company, but without materializing.

The breakdown affects an Airbus A320, leased about a month ago by Cabo Verde Airlines (trade name of Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde – TACV) to Airhub Airlines.

TACV, which does not have its own fleet and only resumed flights last December, after being nationalized due to the covid-19 pandemic, reached an agreement in March with TAAG to lease a Boeing 737-700, with which was already flying to Portugal, but is in the process of painting until the end of October.

Malta-based airline Airhub Airlines announced on 26 September that it had signed a contract with Cabo Verde Airlines to charter an A320-200 to the Cape Verdean state carrier.

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