REPOST: Interview with Sebastião de Lemos, President of the Angolan Airport’s Union

This was the first interview with Rádio AngoAviação, in which we had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Sebastião de Lemos, President of SNITAA – Independent National Union of Aeronautical and Airport Workers.

We decided to republish it because it was the first interview and, as a result, it set the tone for the subsequent interviews.

To date, the Podcast: Rádio AngoAviação, has more than 14 thousand listeners all over the world, with the largest audience coming from Angola, the United States, Portugal, Ghana and South Africa, also having, to date, interviewed figures from Aviation from the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, Great Britain, Greece, Tunisia and Cameroon.

As a result of our work on behalf of the aviation Portuguese-African community, we were recently invited to participate in the IATA – International Air Transport Association press conference.

Just to highlight a few facts: AngoAviação is the first civil aviation news website among Portuguese-speaking African Countries.

Podcast: Radio AngoAviação is the first aviation Podcast among Portuguese-speaking African Countries. Everything was, and will continue to be possible thanks to teamwork, so we thank our international partners as well, as our local partners.

Until the next episode!

Listen to the full interview by clicking the link below:

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