ANGOSAT 2 was launched today!

Angola today launched its second communications satellite, Angosat-2, on 12 October 2022. The satellite was launched aboard the Proton-M Blok DM-03 rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

It is a four-stage Russian heavy launch vehicle derived from the Soviet Proton launch vehicle. As a result of the launch, Angola has now launched two satellites, bringing Africa’s 2022 total to five and Africa’s total satellite launches to 49.

Angosat-2 was developed in Russia by Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems Company, and construction does not have new costs for Angola due to Angosat-1’s USD 300 million contractual insurance package.

According to the director-general of the Angolan Space Program National Management Office (GGPEN), Zolana João, Angosat-2 will be seven times faster than its predecessor, as Angosat-1 was a conventional satellite, with a wide beam. communication, regardless of location.

With this, Angola can minimize the problem of digital divide, allowing equal access for all Angolans to the benefits offered by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Services will cover the entire African continent and a significant part of southern Europe in C-Band. The satellite will also provide “near-complete” coverage of southern Africa in the Ku Band.

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