Amidst strike, TAAG braces for impact

TAAG announced today on social media that it has “a strike announced for the 7th, 08th and 09th of October”.

“We apologize, we have announced a strike for the 7th, 08th and 09th of October”, reads a message posted on TAAG’s official page on Instagram.

The company requests the understanding of its customers, asking them to have “patience”.

“We are doing everything we can to help you,” adds TAAG.

TAAG’s communication ends with an appeal to passengers to check “the list of affected flights and the numbers of the ‘call centers’” on the company’s portal.

Previously, it had been announced that the strike would last for a week, between the 7th and 16th of October, which is why the parliamentary group of UNITA, the largest Angolan opposition party, announced that it had requested an urgent meeting with the Minister of Transport to obtain clarification on the flag airline pilots’ strike, given the impact of the strike.

On July 20, the Airline Pilots Union list of demands (SPLA) was handed over to TAAG, and meetings were held in which the airline “presented several resolution proposals, duly framed in its financial reality”, and with the “firm objective” to accommodate the pilots’ requests, reads a company statement released this Saturday.

In the same note, TAAG adds that a “contingency plan to minimize the impact” of the stoppage was created.

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