ANGOSAT 2 launches next week!

The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Mário Oliveira, said yesterday to the press that the Russian made angolan satellite has been ready since the third week of July in Baikonur in Kazakhstan, next to the launch pad, awaiting the political decision to go into space.

It was decided not to do so before the elections, but after the new government took office, the time has come.

The launch will be done discreetly, with only the presence of some technicians, diplomats and a few invited journalists, and the presence of the President of the Republic will be unlikely, and this would only be possible if it happened until Wednesday, since on October 15th João Lourenço will be at the National Assembly to deliver the State of the Nation speech.

Possibly it will only count on the presence of Minister Mário Oliveira to head the Angolan delegation.

The Angosat-2 began to be built on April 28, 2018 at the Airbus facilities in France, where the entire satellite payload was installed, that is, all the components that will allow its operation.

The structure was then transferred to the ISS Reshetnev factory in the “closed” city of Zheleznogorsk, near Krasnoyarsk, in the Siberian region, where the entire housing was made and the starter installed.

This was followed by the transfer to the launch site at Baikonur aerospace station in Kazakhstan, where it will depart for space orbit next week.

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