Accident between two aircraft at Heathrow airport’s runway

Two aircraft collided at Heathrow late on Wednesday, an airport spokeswoman confirmed.

The incident, involving an Icelandair aircraft and Korean Air aircraft on the airfield, is being investigated.

The spokeswoman said: “No injuries have been reported, but emergency services are providing assistance to ensure all passengers and travel are safe.”

Passengers are being asked to check the status of their flights.

A Guardian journalist named Dan Sabbagh, who was the plane of the Korean Air plane, said it appeared to have “cut” the other aircraft.

He tweeted: “I’m on the Korean Air plane that collided with an Icelandair plane at Heathrow – a passenger on the other side saw the incident and told me that our plane’s wing damaged the others’ tails.

“I was on this plane, but I can’t really say that we were harmed something. No apparent danger, no one was hurt.”

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