Ethiopian Airlines climbs 11 positions among the 100 best airlines in the WORLD

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest Aviation Group, has announced that it has been named the winner of four awards at the SKYTRAX 2022 World Airline Awards at a ceremony held in London on 23 September 2022.

Ethiopian airline took the crown to:

▪ Best Airline in Africa 2022, for the 5th consecutive year,

▪ Best Business Class Airline in Africa 2022, for the 4th consecutive year,

▪ Best Economy Class Airline in Africa 2022, for the 4th consecutive year and

▪ Best Business Class Onboard Catering in Africa;

Climbing an incredible 11 spots, Ethiopian Airlines also ranked 26th in the world’s top 100 airlines for 2022 as voted by airline customers worldwide.

Regarding the award, the CEO of the Ethiopian group, Mr. Mesfin Tasew commented: “We are truly honored by the many prestigious awards that Ethiopian Airlines has won today.

“It gives me great pleasure to witness such a rewarding event for the hard work that Ethiopian Airlines employees and management team put into providing our valued passengers with the best quality service. “

“I would like to assure our customers and everyone who voted for Ethiopian Airlines that we will continue to provide a world class service tailored with Ethiopian hospitality with an African flavor.”

“We were able to deliver our service, unbeaten by the Covid19 pandemic, the biggest challenge for the aviation industry and we will keep pace, raising our level of service to an even better level along the way.”

The World Airline Awards are independent and unbiased, launched in 1999 to provide a truly global customer satisfaction study.

Travelers from around the world vote in the largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to decide award winners. The awards are referred to by the media around the world as “the Oscars of the aviation industry”.

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