Cape Town International Airport has less than a week of reserve fuel

Cape Town International Airport (Cape Town) currently only stocks enough jet fuel to last four to six days after bad weather caused a delay in a shipment of supplies.

To reduce the risk of jet fuel depletion, Airports Company SA (ACSA) has issued a NOTAM urging airlines to reduce Cape Town’s fuel consumption, Mark Maclean, the airport’s regional general manager, told News24 Business on Monday.

“A number of fuel suppliers are also holding stocks in their tanks and will deliver more fuel to the airport,” he said.

“By asking airlines to reduce the fuel increase in Cape Town, this will allow the airport to build up a larger stock in the next five to seven days and reduce the risk of out-of-stocks while the JET A1 shipment is delivered to the airport as the shipment is scheduled to arrive at the end of the week.”

A source from one of the local airlines said the arrival tanker was due to arrive in Cape Town on Sunday, “but we have been advised that it will arrive a few days late”.

“However, we are not panicking about the disruption of operations on our side. We will only operate as conservatively as possible on Cape Town flights and we can transport fuel from airports like OR Tambo, King Shaka and others and then refill in Cape Town. It should look good on our side,” the person said.

Airlink CEO and Managing Director Rodger Foster says that fuel in Cape Town International is being rationed, but Airlink is carrying more fuel than it would normally require on its flights to Cape Town, so it doesn’t have to. replenish or consume as much as you normally would like. None of your flights are affected and they are all running on schedule.

From March to May of this year, there was a fuel crisis at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport after floods in KwaZulu-Natal damaged railways and fuel infrastructure.

This forced some international airlines to direct their flights to refuel in Durban and Windhoek for the return.

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