TAAG resumed flights to Soyo today

Angolan carrier TAAG resumed flights to Soyo starting today (Friday).

The angolan air carrier TAAG announced yesterday that it would resume flights to Soyo, province of Zaire, from Friday onwards, re-establishing a connection that had been interrupted due to the covid-19 pandemic.

TAAG will provide three weekly frequencies, departing from Luanda to the “Comandante Ndozi” airport in Soyo, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with an approximate duration of 50 minutes.

Soyo is an industrial and port city in northern Angola, where oil terminals are located, and has LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) potential, offering a relevant business context with regard to passenger transit.

The flights are being made using the DASH 8 Q400 model aircraft, belonging to the turbo-propeller class.

It carries a total of 74 passengers, 64 in economy class and 10 in business class.

TAAG currently offers 14 domestic destinations and 12 international destinations, carrying passengers and cargo.

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