BestFly resumes flights to Cape Verde

BestFly resumes flights in Cape Verde with an airplane and promises stabilization this Monday.

Bestfly reported that it is already operating in Cape Verde with one of the two aircraft, one day after a breakdown, and promises to stabilize operations on Monday with a third plane arriving from Luanda.

“Bestfly Cabo Verde informs its passengers that, after ensuring safety conditions, it is already operating with one of its two aircraft,” the airline said in a statement, one day after the cancellation of flights in the country due to breakdown of the second its only two planes.

In the same note, the company promised to stabilize operations in the archipelago with the arrival of a third aircraft in Luanda, scheduled for Monday.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We appreciate the understanding of our passengers and we maintain our commitment to inter-island mobility”, wrote BestFly, which rescheduled all trips scheduled for Saturday to today.

On Saturday, the company’s management informed that the damage of the second aircraft occurred on the island of Fogo, and was forced to cancel all flights scheduled for the same day.

The breakdown on the second plane was added to that which occurred a few days ago on another aircraft, occurring, according to the company, at a time of strong international pressure in terms of services to support the aeronautical activity.

Domestic flights in Cape Verde were operated since May 17, 2021 only by Angolan BestFly, under a six-month emergency concession granted by the Cape Verdean Government.

As of October 24 of the same year, it began to operate only under the name Transportes Interilhas de Cabo Verde (TICV, a company it acquired in July 2021), ending the emergency concession regime.

The Angolan group BestFly bought 70% of the share capital of TICV from the Spanish Binter, leaving the remaining 30% with the Cape Verdean State, and concentrated domestic air connections only on TICV, which had not operated commercial flights since 16 May.

According to data from the Civil Aviation Agency (AAC), domestic flights in Cape Verde handled almost 27,000 passengers in July, renewing monthly maximums since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic.

This movement compares with the 12,915 passengers in July 2021, a period still affected by the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, and with the 20,826 in June 2022, the month before the last update made by the AAC.

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