Ashanti Airlines to establish new Ghanaian airline

The government of Ghana has confirmed the name of its next investor in its aviation industry. After the disappearance of Ghana Airways in 2004 and Ghana International Airlines in 2010, Ghana has no national airline, although the country intends to make its capital Accra an aviation hub in West Africa.

Airlines such as Ashanti Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Egyptair and the Ghanaian management consultancy and brokerage JNH Group showed interest and competed for the deal to manage the airline in the West African country. The criteria followed to confirm the suitable partner rotated on the preferred routes, duration of the management contract and financing terms.

Transport Minister Kwaku Ofori Asiamah formed a committee to examine and evaluate all the proposals submitted by the different bidders earlier this year.

In May of 2022, the government of Ghana started showing all the positive signs for the national airline and, after serious consideration, Ashanti won the bid to operate the national airline of Ghana.

The wait is finally over.

Ashanti Airlines’ comparative advantage
Ashanti Airlines was chosen because it is an airline based in Ghana and showed more willingness to comply with the required terms and conditions of the contract.

Company owners Osei KwameDespite and Ernest Ofori Sarpong, founders of the Despite Group of Companies (DGC), won the much-coveted deal when they agreed to hire more staff and acquire more aircraft to be better positioned to operate all necessary routes.

The company has already acquired an Air Carrier License (ACL), allowing it to operate scheduled and chartered passenger and cargo flights. It is now in its final financial arrangements and procedures for acquiring other licenses such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Ghana Air Operator’s Certificate (GCAA).

Ashanti Airline management has high hopes that by the end of this year the carrier will be ready to fly across the skies of Ghana. The airline will fly to domestic, regional and international destinations.

The Transport Minister confirmed that the need to connect Ghanaians with destinations such as Europe, North America and Asia is evident.

Contentment on the part of the population

Many Ghanaians welcomed the news, joyfully confirming the choice of Ashanti Airlines. For them, this is more like hitting two birds with one stone. Ashanti is made in Ghana, and the economic and social impacts of working with fellow countrymen are cause for celebration.

Citizens of the West African country will soon be reaping big, both economically and socially. Ashanti Airlines’ partnership with its government will create more employment opportunities.

The company has already started the search for qualified personnel. Many will get their dream jobs in the aviation sector and improve their living standards and those of their loved ones.

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