Ghana threatens to ban airplanes with more than 20 years of operation

Ghana is threatening to ban airlines from flying to the country, aircraft over 20 years old. This happened following a situation where a Delta Boeing 767 had several maintenance problems in and for Ghana, which eventually became viral.

Although authorities recognize that older planes may be safe, it seems to be summed up to reduce the number of passenger complaints.

Ghana authorities recently banned a Delta -specific Boeing 767 from Flying to ACRA, because the plane had problems in several flights in a short time.

Authorities are now seeking even more measures against airlines.
Charles Kraikue, Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), revealed that the organization is currently working on a new directive that imposed an age limit for commercial aircraft flying to Ghana:

“After persistent passenger complaints, we will soon disclose a new directive that will prevent airlines from using surplus aircraft in the country’s airspace. Under the new regime, the proposed ceiling for commercial aircraft to be implemented in ACRA is 20 years.

This is part of a set of measures designed to ensure that aircraft on the accra route is suitable for the purpose. ”

Kraikue recognizes that the years of service of an airplane does not determine whether it is safe or not, but believes that there is a correlation between the aircraft’s lifetime and passenger complaints:

“If appropriate maintenance procedures are followed, the shelf life is not a limitation, but the directive has become necessary due to recent periodic complaints and passenger dissatisfaction.”

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