Air Cote D’IVoire will connect Guinea-Bissau to nine African cities

The Ivory Coast airline will connect nine African cities, including Johannesburg, in South Africa, with the capital of Guinea-Bissau, the director general of the company that manages the international airport of Bissau told Lusa today.

Aliu Soares Cassamá indicated that most of the calls should start next week.

In addition to Johannesburg, Air Cote D’Voire will connect Bissau with Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Accra (Ghana), Cotonou (Benin) Conakry (Guinea-Conakry), Douala (Cameroon) Lomé (Togo), Libreville (Gabon) , Lagos (Nigeria) and Yaoundé (Cameroon).

Currently, Air Cote D’Voire already operates flights between Abidjan, Bissau and Conakry and, “if everything goes as planned”, Aliu Soares Cassamá believes that, “very soon”, the company will also stop in the city of Praia, in Cabo. Green.

The director-general of the company that manages the Osvaldo Vieira airport explained that the flights connecting Bissau with the nine African cities already defined should depart from Abidjan.

“It is no longer necessary to take so many connecting flights to reach these African cities. From Bissau, passing through Abidjan, the passenger quickly arrives at his destination”, observed the responsible for the international airport Osvaldo Vieira de Bissau.

Aliu Soares Cassamá, an economist trained in Portugal, believes that by the end of the year, Air Cote D’Voire should start connecting flights from Bissau with Lisbon and Paris, given the “great demand for these two capitals” from the Guinean capital. , noticed.

Cassamá said that conversations were underway between Air Cote D’Voire with the airport authorities of Portugal and France in order to allow that airline’s flights to arrive, still in 2022, at both destinations.

The inaugural flight of Air Cote D’Voire took place in June, bringing the number of airlines connecting Bissau to the rest of the world to six.

The other companies are the Portuguese TAP and EuroAtlantic, the African multinational Asky, Air Senegal and the Moroccan RAM (Royal Air Maroc).

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