TAP is victim of cyber attack

TAP (the Portuguese airline) alerts affected customers to “risk of illegitimate use” of data.

TAP is today warning customers affected by the computer attack on the company, whose data were published, that this disclosure “may increase the risk of its illegitimate use”, calling for attention to suspicious communications.

In the email sent to customers, the carrier recalled that “it was recently the victim of a cyberattack, an act promptly communicated to the various competent authorities, with which TAP is actively collaborating to investigate what happened”, reiterating that “measures and appropriate cybersecurity procedures for this type of event with the support of a specialized international company that is industry leader” and that “the measures adopted ensured the integrity of data and the safe operation of all systems” of the company.

In the email, the company indicated that “containment and remediation measures were taken immediately to protect customer data”, stating that “the ‘hackers’ published the following categories of data in relation to a limited number of customers, among which include: name, nationality, gender, address, email, telephone contact, customer registration date and frequent flyer number”.

“Disclosure of personal data through public means can increase the risk of its illegitimate use, namely to obtain other data that can be used to compromise computer systems for fraudulent purposes (phishing)”, warned the company.

“Although the ‘password’ for accessing the reserved area of ​​Miles&Go or the customer is not included among the personal data compromised, as a precaution, we recommend that you check the security conditions of access to your reserved area, namely using a strong password and changing it with some frequency”, the company appealed, recommending that the customer “be aware of unsolicited communications in which personal information is requested and to avoid accessing links or downloading files from suspicious email addresses”.

“We are very sorry that your personal data were included in this disclosure and for any inconvenience this may cause you”, said TAP, also reaffirming its “commitment” to the protection of personal data and adding that “measures are being developed to protect enhanced security” of the data.

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