IGAPE: TAAG’s privatization will see “new developments”

The highlighted statement was made by the Head of Department of Companies at IGAPE (Institute of Asset Management and State Equity). He went on to say that IGAPE is closely monitoring the entire process involving TAAG, the angolan state-owned airline.

The public air transport company, which is undergoing a restructuring process, which will culminate in its partial sale, is going through a difficult financial situation.

The Head of the Department for Monitoring of Companies at IGAPE, Ednilson de Sousa, explained that despite the ongoing process, the privatization of TAAG will see new developments.

The shareholder structure of TAAG is composed of 50% of IGAPE and 40% of ENNA-E.P, while the remaining 10% belong to the Social Fund for workers of the Ministry of Transport.

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