TAAG meets with the Cabin Crew Union for 3 hours, and issues a public statement afterwards

TAAG and the Provincial Union of Cabin Crew Personnel (SINPROPNC) met to discuss the current situation of the Angolan airline, days after the Minister of Transport demanded the opening of talks.

According to TAAG’s public statement, the meeting between the airline’s officials and SINPROPNC representatives lasted about three hours and served for “mutual consultation and presentation of relevant information about the current situation of TAAG, as well as the concerns of the Cabin Crew Personnel”.

“It was what we always wanted, for the company to be open to listen to the legitimate concerns of workers through the body that represents them and, above all, to be open to dialogue and negotiation,” said the assistant secretary of SINPROPCN,

The TAAG statement added that a commitment was made to maintain the sessions “for the good resolution of labor issues and concerns related to the company’s development”.

It also emphasizes that SINPROPNC was clarified about the role of Cabin Sailing Personnel in TAAG’s growth strategy, having given “framework on the management decisions taken” and re-established a channel for direct dialogue between the parties in order to present to the union TAAG’s options and proposals to accommodate unionists’ complaints and concerns.

On Monday, the Angolan Minister of Transport, Ricardo Viegas d’Abreu, called representatives of the Union of Navigating Cabin Personnel (SPNC), following a protest by these workers that took place over the weekend at the 4 de Fevereiro Airport. , in Luanda, demanding the opening of a “space for dialogue” to resolve divergent issues.

Ricardo Viegas d’Abreu wanted to know what were “the real motivations that led to an extreme point of use of media mechanisms and eventually outside the law”, recommending to the union and TAAG to create “a frank and open business and communication climate”.

“We are concerned to see videos on social media, being shared, while not enough had been done to prevent this from occuring, including the negotiation of a list of demands that was never presented by the union”, the minister said, through a note from the Ministry of Transport.

“From the the videos, comments and once the union has been consulted, the perception is clear that there is a misrepresentation of TAAG’s restructuring strategy”, reads the statement, where the minister reiterates that “the path cannot be constructed, with slander, defamation and personal offenses”.

The official also warned of the need to improve communication, reaffirming the need for the Board of Directors to open “space for dialogue with the class and listening to their concerns and concerns in a civilized and urban manner”.

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