TAP aircraft collides with a motorcycle in Guinea Conakry

A TAP plane collided with a motorcycle during landing at Guinea Conakry airport, causing the death of the vehicle’s occupant, the airline said, guaranteeing that “all safety procedures were complied with”.

In a statement released this morning, TAP states that “flight TP1492 had an accident on landing at Guinea Conakry airport, when a motorcycle tried to cross the runway at that moment, and the occupant of the vehicle lost his life”. “Passengers and crew are all fine”, he assures.

The statement does not specify the day and time of the accident, but the NewsAvia portal states that it occurred on Friday night, at Conakry International Airport, in Guinea, involving a TAP Airbus A320neo that had taken off from Lisbon at 8:32 pm.

According to the company, “all safety procedures were complied with, but even so, it was not possible to avoid the aforementioned accident”

“TAP is naturally collaborating with the local authorities to investigate the circumstances that led to this unfortunate situation”, he says, regretting “deeply what happened” and offering “his heartfelt condolences to the family of the fatal victim”

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