Portugal: Portway Handling strike, impacts Angola as well

In a statement published on Thursday (25), ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal) and Portway warned of the cancellation of 83 flights and disruptions in the operations of 22 airlines, namely Cabo Verde Airlines, Transavia, TAAG, Turkish Airlines and Easyjet, among others.

Consequently, flights and stopovers to and from Portugal may be impacted throughout the Portuguese-speaking world, as is the case with Cabo Verde Airlines, which reported the cancellation of six flights to and from Lisbon, as well as the services provided.

Asked by the Lusa agency about joining the strike, the leader of the National Union of Civil Aviation Workers for Portway, Pedro Figueiredo, reported on the numbers recorded.

The National Union of Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC) this Friday denounced Portway to the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), for an alleged contracting of external services to replace the strikers with “inexperienced” workers, something that would violate the law. The company denies this accusation.

Climate of psychological terror and instability

According to the union structure, the company’s human resources policy caused a “climate of psychological terror, where threats proliferate and disciplinary proceedings are instituted, creating a social instability unparalleled in the company’s history”.

The statement also adds that workers expect the company to comply with the request for payment of 100% holidays to all workers, as provided for in an agreement signed in 2019, and immediate salary updates, which take into account the inflation scenario.

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