TAAG resumes flights to Havana and increases flights to Madrid

Following the positive assessment of the ‘business case’ of the intercontinental routes (Americas and Europe), TAAG is in a position to resume connections to Cuba/Havana and implement an additional flight to Spain/Madrid, starting in November”, announced the company in a statement.

The reinforcement is part of the company’s “sustained growth plan” and responds “to the increasing levels of demand and aircraft occupancy rate”, adds the note.

The reinforcement of the Luanda/Madrid route starts on the 1st of November and represents an increase from two to three weekly frequencies.

To the current departures to Spain, on Thursday and Sunday, there is an additional flight on Tuesday, all operated by an Airbus A332 aircraft (wet lease) with capacity for 298 passengers.

The route to Havana, which had been discontinued during the pandemic, resumed on November 8 and 22, becoming weekly, on Tuesdays, in December and January.

“The conditions are in place for the resumption of the connection between two countries [Angola and Cuba] that share strong historical connections and exchange of passengers, namely with the entry into Angolan territory of the corporate segment (Cuban doctors and professors) and travel related to tourism, education and health care in the opposite direction”, justified the company.

TAAG — Angola Airlines was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Luanda, currently offering 14 domestic destinations and 12 international destinations.

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