Elections in Angola: Thousands of resident foreigners travel out of fear

Yesterday, on the 24th of August, Angola held its fifth general election, in which the President of the Republic and obviously the political party that will run the country over the next five years will be chosen.

At this stage of counting the votes, the AngoAviação team found a highlight:

Thousands of foreigners are traveling both to their country of origin and to neighboring countries of Angola.

AngoAviação has been carrying out a field survey for the last 2 weeks (this survey will end with the conclusive release of the results) and we have concluded that the number of passengers traveling abroad is in the thousands, fearing what could take place during this election period.

When passengers were asked whether elections play any role in the reason for travel, more than 84% of respondents answered yes.

It is a fact that these 2022 elections have proved to be one of the most tense elections that the country has ever organized, similar to the 1992 elections.

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