Flysafair launches check-in on WhatsApp – see how it works

Low-cost carrier FlySafair has added new features to its WhatsApp business account, allowing passengers to search for their booking and check in for their flight directly from the messaging app.

“WhatsApp’s new features are just a few of the many ways we’re constantly looking to create a frictionless travel experience, from booking to arrival,” said Kirby Gordon, Director of Marketing at FlySafair.

“By adding these new services, we can give our passengers more choice when it comes to their travel.”

Gordon said FlySafair’s WhatsApp booking management features would be useful for those in areas where connectivity is low and the chance of the website or app expiring as a result is high.

“Where internet access proves to be less reliable, passengers can bypass the website and app to easily search for flight details and check in via WhatsApp, ensuring complete peace of mind before arriving at the airport.”

To access WhatsApp services, passengers can:

• Send a message to the FlySafair business account on 087 357 0030.

• Say “Hi” to open a menu with different options.

• Select option 2 for check-in

•Follow the instructions to receive your boarding pass via the messaging app.

• To review a reservation, select option 1 and follow the instructions in the message to view the flight details.

Flysafair said that in the coming weeks, passengers will also be able to add a bag to an existing booking and purchase a food stamp via the messaging app.

“These new features build on the airline’s existing suite of WhatsApp services, which include sending boarding passes after check-in via the website or app, as well as direct messaging capabilities with the airline’s customer service agents. airline,” he said.

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