10 free online courses in aviation (certificate included)

Are there free online aviation courses? There are numerous free online aviation certification courses available on the internet. They will provide you with the fundamental skills, knowledge and techniques needed to start a career in the aviation sector. With this fundamental aviation knowledge, you can progress to higher education and become a professional in the sector.

Check out the courses with their links below:

1.  Specialization in Flight Mechanics Fundamentals

Our first recommendation for free online aviation courses is the Flight Mechanics Fundamentals specialization because the fundamentals will give you a practical understanding of flight mechanics. Apply it to critically reviewing a flight accident report, establishing a flight test program, or creating a preliminary airplane design.

Plus, this free aviation certificate course teaches you how planes take off, how high they can fly, and how pilots keep them in check. You’ll also discover how the laws of physics apply to airplanes and important aviation concepts such as lift, drag, and propulsion. In addition, the course includes an applied learning project in which students will be asked to complete exercises in the form of case studies. 

Provider:  Coursera

Course:  Specialization in Fundamentals of Flight Mechanics

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  3 Months 

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2.  Digitization in Aeronautics

Digitization in aeronautics explores the impact of digitization in this specific field, including the effects of digitization on simulating the interaction of aircraft components, overall aircraft development, related decision making, and the communication channels used on aircraft.

In this free online aviation certification course, you will learn how a wide range of digital applications are used in aviation research, the pervasive presence of digitization in aviation research today, and the increasing complexity in all systems resulting from digitization.

Provider:  Coursera

Course:  Digitization in Aeronautics

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  10 hours

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3.  Cybersecurity Policy for Aviation and Internet Infrastructure

This is yet another popular course in our list of the best free online aviation courses. As part of the transportation and communications industries, aviation and internet infrastructure is also called “lifetime infrastructure”. The Department of Homeland Security’s Directorate of Programs and National Protection, which administers the DHS National Infrastructure Protection Program, manages both subsectors. In response to President Obama’s Executive Order 13636 issued in February 2013, both SSAs recommended that voluntary cybersecurity measures be maintained.

In this online aviation certification course offered by the University of Colorado, you will examine the lifeline infrastructure sub-sectors of aviation and the Internet, as well as the elements and applications of the Transportation Roadmap and CARMA.

Provider:  Coursera

Course:  Cybersecurity Policy for Aviation and Internet Infrastructures

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  9 hours

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4.  Part I of the Machine Project

The “Machine Design” course covers fundamental mechanical design topics such as fatigue and static failure theories, analysis of shafts, fasteners and gears, and the design of mechanical systems such as gearboxes. Throughout this series of courses, you will see a number of illustrative design case studies, such as material selection for a total hip implant, the design and testing of the 777 aircraft wing, and the impact of dynamic loads on the design of a vessel. bolted pressure.

Additionally, this free online certified aviation course will teach you robust analysis techniques to predict and validate project performance and lifespan. The course begins with a review of critical material properties in design, such as stress, strength, and coefficient of thermal expansion, after which you will move on to static failure theories.

Provider:  Coursera

Course:  Part I of the Machine Project

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  31 Hours

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5.  Specialization in Development of Secure Embedded Systems

Three people died on July 6, 2013, when an Asiana Airlines plane from Seoul, Korea crashed and landed at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that flight crew (in)actions were the most likely to blame the accident.

The human factor often causes accidents. For example, according to the NTSB and others, pilot error causes more than half of all airplane accidents. However, these errors can be avoided if safety-critical systems are properly designed.

After completing this free aviation course, you will be able to develop secure embedded systems, which are at the heart of these critical safety and security systems. Finally, you will program your landing guidance system into your main project.

Provider:  Coursera

Course:  Specialization in Development of Secure Embedded Systems

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  5 Months

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6.  Part 4 FAA Private Pilot Ground School

The ground knowledge required to pass the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test (PAR) is provided in this course series. You will go through each of the knowledge areas in detail and provide explanations so that you can pass the test and become a competent pilot.

The fourth part of this five-part series covers Theory of Weather, Weather Services, Airport Operations and Radio Communications. The author also included links to free FAA publications and over 250 practice questions. This course follows the guidance of the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) under Part 61.

Provider:  Udemy

Course:  Part 4 FAA Private Pilot Ground School

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  7 hours 

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7.  Aviation Safety Operations, Processes and Strategies

As security is an important part of the aviation industry or an airport, this course is designed to teach you about aviation policing, security management systems, airports and crime.

This course introduces and covers the following principles, methods, and best practices:

Security operations in the aviation industry

Policing at airports and in the aviation industry

theft at airports

Private Aviation Security Officers

Security roles and responsibilities of airport and airline employees.

Provider:  Udemy

Course:  Aviation Safety Operations, Processes and Strategies

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  1 hours

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8.  Aviation: Customer Service in the Air Industry

Do you have to deal with customers/passengers on a daily basis as a Check-In Agent, Ticketing/Sales Agent or in the airport infrastructure?

Do you value professional development that will help you advance your aviation career?

Do you want to impress your potential employer by doing your best?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place! This free online aviation course will teach you how airlines and airports operate in terms of customer/passenger service delivery. Learn about check-in and boarding procedures for customers, passengers and baggage.

Provider:  Udemy

Course:  Aviation: Customer Service in the Airline Industry

Start Date:  Individualized

Duration:  32 Minutes 

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9.  Aviation Meteorology: Route Weather

This online certificate aviation course will teach you how to use the weather in practical aviation situations and how it can affect airline operations and aircraft performance. The course is based on the author’s experience of over ten years in air operations and dispatch. You will learn about the International Standard Atmosphere, significant weather charts, wind and temperature charts, synoptic charts, weather warnings, frontal weather systems, cloud types, dangerous and severe weather, satellite imagery, and the impact of weather on the operations and performance of the aircraft, among other things.

This course aims to become well versed in the practical application of Aeronautical Meteorology and gain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject. The course includes lots of graphical information, practical examples, and other resources to help you understand better.

Provider:  Udemy

Course:  Aviation Meteorology: Route Weather

Start Date:  Individualized

Length:  1:42 minutes 

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10.  Aviation Ground Operations – Health and Safety

This is the last course on our list of the best free online aviation courses. Aviation is considered the safest mode of transport because health and safety are prioritized in this industry. As a result, by enrolling in this course, you will learn the fundamentals of aviation health and safety, with a focus on ground operations.

Aerodrome Hazards and Hazards, Aircraft Hazards and Hazards, Preventing or Minimizing Hazards and Hazards, Airside Surface Marking, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Self and Others Safety are covered in this course.

Provider:  Udemy

Course:  Aviation Ground Operations – Health and Safety

Start Date:  Individualized

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