TAAG’s flight canceled due to plane malfunction

More than 100 passengers from TAAG, who were traveling to the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, last Sunday, 03, were stranded in Lubango, province of Huíla, after the plane they were traveling on had malfunctioned, which caused an unexpected landing at Mukanka Airport, also known as Lubango Airport, where they spent the night.

The passengers were brought back to Luanda for a new boarding on Monday, AngoAviação was informed.
The passengers were only taken to the hotels in Lubango around midnight, after several protests at the airport, which led the Governor of the Province, Nuno Dala, to calm the passengers’ spirits at the airport.
TAAG has not yet commented on the matter. AngoAviação tried to get reactions from its communication departmentand, but to no success.

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